Design with web standards is boring.

Design with web standards is boring.

If the point of comparison is the rich-media applications (aka Flash Sites), then that statement might be correct.

However, web standards weren’t created to compete with Flash. It’s like comparing print ads to TV spots– both have their distinct purposes and limitations. Web standards are promoted to put web authors “on the same page”, meaning it envisions web developers/designers to put accessibility & viability of web documents.

You also may hear that design with web standards is “one-dimensional” or “blocky” or even “limited to blogs.” Try looking at web standards compliant sites at CSS Beauty & CSS Vault, then you might think that design with web standards is not boring after all.

CSS and Web Developers

The notion that web standards only help the designer is pretty much prevalent in the web business. However, from the web developers’ standpoint, web standards actually help streamline the process by requiring smaller code and organized styles.

Here’s an example: Web Developers no longer have to deal with dozens of <table> tags, instead they separate the presentation (usually the designer’s job) and focus on creating the markup in a simpler manner.

Another example: Web Developers would find it easier to update code simply by using different CSS styles to apply on to the web pages.

Better CSS in IE7

From the IEBlog, a couple of nice improvements has been developed to be included in the next release of Internet Explorer.

IE’s lack of support of CSS has been almost legendary. From the box model to some erratic behavior, IE has been what keeps web standards from moving forward. I, for one, am glad that Microsoft is addressing some of the issues. (But what will actually be implemented remains to be seen.)

Adobe-Macromedia: Now What?

Slightly off-topic, but significant nonetheless– The Adobe‘s acquisition of Macromedia definitely changes the whole web authoring landscape. Its effect may not be felt in a few months, but definitely in a couple of years’ time.

While a lot of people are concerned with their software products, I’m more apprehensive about the support & other aspects like certification, user-group support and community support.

The First Post

I’m glad you’re reading this.

This blog that you are viewing is a product of web standards — technologies that promote simplicity, accessibility, and maintainability. As more and more posts fill the blog’s pages, I hope you’ll have a better understanding and apprecation of what web standards can do for the web as a whole.