RSS and LongHorn

The IEBlog states that RSS, or the syndication feature on most web sites, will be an integral part of Microsoft’s upcoming OS, codenamed ‘LongHorn.’

RSS, though a distant relative of web sites, could offer web standards a significant push. If RSS really booms, its styling counterpart to CSS, XSLT, may not be far behind. One of web standard’s mantra “Separate Presentation from Content,” will be put to the forefront in developer’s minds.

What I find weird here is, indirectly, Microsoft is contributing (although very distantly) to the Web Standards cause.

From Zero To Techno

I’d like to take this chance to go off-topic and announce that I have released my venture into electronic music, From Zero To Techno on the web.

Feel free to send your thoughts regarding the song, comments and critiques. 🙂

I’ve just applied my song to have a Creative Commons license!

Creative Commons nc-sampling+

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

From Zero to Techno

Regnard Kreisler C. Raquedan

Regnard Kreisler C. Raquedan



Is it me or some people just don’t get it?

I just finished a web site that really tried to adhere to Web Standards– CSS, XHTML, semantics, etc. — and it pains me that I may have to revert to the “old ways” of tables for layout. Why? Because they want it to work with VERY old browsers with weak standards support.

I understand that certain companies have different priorities, and in this case, backward compatibility. I guess I wasn’t able to communicate with them the benefits of using web standards vs. backward compatibility.

Oh well.

Header, Body, Footer

Has Web Standards limited web design to the “Header, Body, Footer” paradigm? In my opinion, yes.

I say yes because Web Standards has given designers a tool to work within a structured system and it gives surfers a certain expectation on what a site should be like. This process is similar to using a mobile phone– You may buy phones from different manufacturers, but you intuitively find out how to place a call because of the visual cues (the phone symbol) and the number keypad.

This brings us to a new territory: Is this a bad thing, in the creative sense? Not necessarily. Companies like 37 Signals have shown that coolness can be achieved with good design and execution.

Certified Web Standards Developer?

Think about it.

Should there be a body that certifies web developers/designers on their knowledge of web standards? (A la Microsoft, Sun, etc.) I think that would be a great idea. A test of this sort would help the awareness of the public of the existense of web standards.

It would also give developers/designers some sort of incentive for improving their skills.

The only snag? Web standards itself is still in a precarious situation where there are still loopholes (quirks mode anyone?) in the standard.

But I think the whole certification thing is a good idea. Paging W3c…

Web Standards Heroes

I’d like to share my heroes that inspired me to start Standard Web Standards:

There are a lot of resources on the net on their works and I’ll probably go through them in future.

(Author’s note: This post was written while vacationing at the beautiful island of Boracay.)