Form Function & Class: The Mini Web Design Conference

I would have wanted to write about this topic sooner, but I ran out of bandwidth so it took me a few days to mention how the Mini Web Design Conference last October 31, 2008 was a success.

Thanks to the efforts of IaMaeMarie, JP, HelgaAjaSarah, and Kaffee, the mini version of Form Function & Class was launched at the G2VC Techbar in Ortigas. The speakers of the event were:


I’d like to also thank our sponsors:  Syndeomedia LabsdotPH, and Pinoy Web Startup for helping make the event possible.

Please keep an eye on future mini web design conferences and a big one next year. πŸ˜€


Ia also has a very nice recap of the Mini Web Design Conference. πŸ˜€

Web Standards Philippines Event Brewing

There’s something good that materialized in the aftermath of last week’s very successful WordCamp Philippines 2008.

After my talk on Web Standards & WordPress, the bloggers who initiated a Web Standards Philippines movement several months ago were spurred into action and the inspiration to hold a camp-like activity focused on building the web– web standards, web design, semantic web, design principles, usability, accessibility, were some of the topics to be put forward.

The funny thing about this initiative is that it started out as a Plurk discussion and then people got riled up and the next thing you know, we had a meeting last night to architect what could be the first major web focused camp-type event in the Philippines. Present during the first meeting were Ia Lucero, Mae Paulino, Joni Ang, Sarah Cada, Marco Palinar and Jolo Santos and I felt that the group wanted the event to happen. The camp is initially pegged at the first quarter of 2009.

If you are interested in joining the cause and volunteering, please visit πŸ™‚

Back into The Game

I haven’t been building websites since I started my MBA last year. The reason? Well, business school has been very demanding and I’ve been caught up analyzing financial statements and crafting marketing strategies rather than busting out the elegant standards-compliant sites I’ve done in the past. I’ve also settled for doing speaking engagements and being a conduit for projects & managing them than taking on the projects themselves. (Hmmm… I think I could add “Web Designer Agent” to my resume… :P)

From a creative person’s point of view, business school is a place where the grand creative spark can be whittled down to a little flicker. It may be analogous to the whole “Management is where geeks go to die” business I read in Slashdot a few years back. (Whoa! Another Slashdot reference) But if you know where your strengths are, you can thrive in Marketing, or even Finance. I’m sure the guys at Enron were really, really creative.

But thanks to my relatively easy schedule for the past couple of weeks, I’m back in the game! I’m doing the design and development for the website of a Non-Government Organization and I sure am feeling the rust. I’ve never been out of the web industry totally, but I need to brush up on the cutting edge stuff (Geek mode on!). I’ve left the web craft for almost a year and I kinda feel a lot has happened in terms of the maturity of CSS and Web Standards implementations.

Ah, it sure feels good to be back in the game. πŸ˜€

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