Search : SEO :: Real life : ?

Cosmetic Surgery.

Yes, I came to that conclusion when I realized that SEO is essentially human intervention to a natural process. (I use the term “natural process” loosely because there is hardly anything natural about Google’s or any search engine’s algorithms.) One of the definitions I found for cosmetic surgery is an “an elective procedure performed to reshape normal structures in the body in order to improve appearance.” When you think about it, SEO is really getting something done to improve your website’s “appearance” to search engines.

Am I saying SEO is bad or unnecessary? Absolutely not. What I am driving at is you can be happy with how search engines index your site and do nothing or be “unnatural” and tip the balance in your favor. Having SEO will definitely help in many respects.
Let me leave you with this thought: In real life, who gets more money, Pamela Anderson or you?