Live Blogging at The Corporate Blogging & Online Reputation Management Seminar

I’m live blogging here at the Corporate Blogging & Online Reputation Management Seminar, the follow-up event to the Corporate Communications 2.0: Corporate Blogging Seminar I held last March 7, 2008.

The BlogBank’s Jayvee Fernandez just finished his talk on “Corporations & Blogs,” which he detailed on how companies can use blogs to launch a successful viral marketing campaign. He cited the campaigns from the Trinoma Blogger Food Tour event, Delifrance Spiked Coffee, the Toblerone National Thank You Day and the Nokia Soul of the Night. I just realized that there are more and more events that are “getting it” when it comes to blogger outreach and campaigns. And that’s good. 🙂

AsiaPay General Manager Andrian Lee is now speaking and sharing the “Web 2.0 Case for Corporate Blogging.” He’s showing his company’s eBiz is eAsy blog to the audience, which is composed of a diverse group of people. There are SEO folks, managers, marketing and advertising people trying to know more about this blogging and Web 2.0 phenomenon.

The Q & A portion was very interesting. I joined the fray with Jayvee and Andrian in answering questions pertaining to blogging and the web. I even got share my movie & DVD review blog– Screensucked– and it went pretty well. The questions ranged from hypothetical (“What attributes should a blogger have?”) to practical (“How much are the blogger ad rates these days?”).

The afternoon session started promptly at 1:00pm with Island Rose.Net‘s Dustin Andaya giving an overview of “Online Reputation Management” to the audience. He shared how Island Rose is being proactive in handling its online reputation and matches their services with good customer relations. He also recounted how an angry wife was sent flowers because she thought her husband sent flowers using Island Rose to a different person upon inspecting his credit card bill. (The bouquet eventually was a surprise gift from the husband to the wife).

Hans Koch of Syndeo Media rounded out the talks with his basic play book for Search Engine Optimization. He also took a different route in showing his presentation– he used Google Docs to show his “Search Engine Optimization in Action” presentation. His talk, while brief, was very insightful in terms of having an SEO strategy for your website.

The Q&A portion of the Online Reputation Management track was more of a “how to” session. Dustin and Hans were showing a lot of online samples of sites, as well as showing Google search results to prove their points. On one question regarding the justification of SEO, Hans said the best way to convince your boss to invest in SEO is to open Google, type a keyword related to your company and show that your company is nowhere in the top ten search results.

In my opinion, the event was a success– it was able to raise PhP17,000 for the GILAS project of the Ayala foundation. If the same cost structure prevails, this amount would be enough to fund another public school’s internet connection for one year. Inquirer.Net already has an article on the event. 🙂

Thanks to AIM, Ayala Foundation, Digital Filipino, Publicus Ltd, Jayvee, Andrian, Dustin, Hans and all the attendees for making the Corporate Blogging & Online Reputation Management Seminar possible. Thanks as well to Annalyn Jusay and Erwin Oliva for doing write-ups in the Manila Bulletin and

Corporate Blogging & Online Reputation Management Seminar

corporate blogging & online reputation management

Thanks to the very good reception to the Corporate Blogging seminar I organized last March 7, 2008, I have been encouraged to do a follow-up to my project for one of my classes in the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

The last event, “Corporate Communications 2.0: Corporate Blogging” was able to raise PhP 19,500 and all proceeds went to the GILAS Project of the Ayala Foundation. I have been informed that this amount will be used to provide internet connection for one year to a public school in the rural areas. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who supported the past seminar.

The upcoming seminar is entitled “Corporate Blogging & Online Reputation Management Seminar,” a series of talks from industry experts that focuses on blogging and improving a company’s online presence.

To give everyone an idea, the Corporate Blogging & Online Reputation Management Seminar is primarily intended for:

  1. Business executives who recognize the promise of blogs for viral marketing and public relations
  2. Managers who want to improve their organization’s online presence and findability on the web
  3. Professionals who are interested to learn how blogging and search engine optimization works

The seminar will be on April 11, 2008 at the SGV Conference Rooms at the Asian Institute of Management, Makati City. The seminar fee is PhP 500.00. (All proceeds of the event will still go to the GILAS Project of the Ayala Foundation.) Interested parties may pre-register online at or email me at for more information.Agenda:

  1. 8:30am: Registration
  2. 9:00am: Corporate Blogging: What, Who, When, Why and How – Jayvee Fernandez of the BlogBank
  3. 10:00am: Corporate Blogging in Practice – Andrian Lee of AsiaPay
  4. 11:00am: Open Forum on Corporate Blogging
  5. 12:00pm: Lunch Break
  6. 1:00pm: Online Reputation Management Primer – Dustin Andaya of Island Rose
  7. 2:00pm: Basic Search Engine Optimization in Action – Hans Koch of Syndeo Media
  8. 3:00pm: Open Forum on Online Reputation Management

This event is also supported by Digital Filipino.

I would again appreciate it if you would help spread the word to your friends and colleagues who would greatly benefit from this event or who would be very interested in attending. 🙂

Thank you very much! 😀

Book Review: Search Engine Visibility, 2nd Edition

Search Engine Visibility

Shari Thurow’s Search Engine Visibility is a very good foundation reference for web professionals. I read the book and after reaching the midpoint, I realized the book could actually be a very good source material for training people who are in the IT or marketing industry to learn about search engines and basic search engine optimization.

Thurow’s approach is very methodical and deliberate– She first creates a framework for understanding search engines and tackles each component is a very thorough manner. If you ask me, the book strives to make the reader more educated on information architecture, web usability, web copy and general search engine strategies. This edition is also more relevant with content pertaining to Web 2.0 fixtures: blogs, podcasts, online videos and Adobe’s PDF format.

Another thing, the book is good explaining common SEO terms that would scare away the newbie internet marketer. SERPs, CPC and click thrus’s are just some of the SEO terms folks take fro granted, but are explained here well.

If you are looking for a hard-core SEO book that will instantly land you the top spot in Google or Yahoo!, this book may not be appropriate for you. The book spends a great deal in making the site work for people first, search engines second. That’s the thesis of the book– people-friendly sites are naturally search engine-friendly.

My SEMCON 2007 Speaking Experience

I spoke earlier for the second day of the first Search Engine Marketing Conference Philippines (or SEMCON 2007) and it was great learning experience. It seems every speaking engagement I always have, there’s some new insights about public speaking I pick up, and I think that’s a good thing.

I first talked about “Mission Redesign: Why? What? How?” and it focused on the motivations and nitty-gritty of revamping a website. I would have wanted to have a longer preparation time for that topic, but my current MBA schoolwork is forcing me to be very creative in my use of time for this talk. I got word before that the audience would be a mix between managers and techies so I had to scale up on the non-tech content. (Thus no XHTML/CSS coding on the spot).

As far as the talk went, I personally felt I had a good start, but kinda I stumbled in closing the talk. I had a good deal of audience participation because I had mini-case studies or “caselets” wherein I asked for audience feedback on certain cases when a site redesign was implemented or not. I plan to test this technique out in future speaking engagements.

My biggest are of concern was towards the end of my speech, I felt the audience was losing interest on what I was talking and internally, I kinda panicked a bit and breezed through on some sections which I felt were rich with information. I guess next time this happens, I should have something to jolt the audience a bit. (An anecdote perhaps).

I asked feedback after my talk and the results have been generally positive, with a few constructive comments like having too little technical content. I also had someone tell me that the caselets were very interesting.

We also had an “Ambush Makeover” portion wherein Andrien Lee, Marc Macalua and I were in a panel and the members of the audience would show their website and we would give comments on how to improve them. I generally gave comments on the usability and navigation aspects of the sites. Best of all, I found that portion fun, actually.

All in all, SEMCON 2007 was a great experience and I’d like to thank Marc and the organizers (SEO.PH, Fiera de Manila & IMV Solutions) for giving me a chance to speak in this event.

5 Reasons to Attend SEMCON 2007

SEMCON 2007, the country’s major first conference on Search Engine Marketing (SEM), will be on October 9 and 10, 2007 at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City. The event focuses on how to increase web site traffic, link popularity, visibility, and site conversion opportunities. Aside from the learnings and insights you’ll get from the event, here are five good reasons on why attending the event is a good idea:

  1. One of the underlying themes is how to make money online, a tall order for any big  or small company these days. Tips and techniques on how to leverage on the web (PPC, converting site visitors, marketing campaigns, etc.) for commercial purposes will be detailed by numerous speakers.
  2. You get a chance to interact with global web movers like Aaron Wall of, Todd Malicoat of and Prashant Mehta of Yahoo!
  3. On the local side, you’ll meet experts like Marc Macalua of SEO Philippines, Problogger Abe Olandres, Elymar Apao of, Andrian Lee of AsiaPay, and Jayvee Fernandez of b5media.
  4. Network with fellow internet and new media professionals. The event targets interactive & digital marketers, brand marketers, web masters and bloggers. I’ve heard that a majority of pre-registered attendees are upper management folks.
  5. Finally, I’ll be speaking at SEMCON 2007 (*cough*shameless plug*cough*). I’ll be talking about “Mission Redesign: When, What and How?” and “Super Site Clinic – Give Your Site an Instant Makeover” with Marc Macalua and Andrian Lee. For the latter, think Ambush Makeover, Web 2.0 style.

This may be the biggest Search Engine Marketing event in the country so don’t miss it!

Recognizing New Media Marketing: The Boomerang Awards

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) has just launched the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Awards, a.k.a. the Boomerang Awards.

According to the organizers:

The first and only awards that recognizes the role of Internet and Mobile platform in building the business of brands, services and companies in the Philippines.

The awards give recognition to campaigns that utilizes the web/internet and mobile devices as vehicles in meeting business objectives in the most creative, innovative and breakthrough manner.

This is a very good initiative in elevating the web and mobile platforms as viable marketing vehicles, especially here in the Philippines. Campaigns launched between January 2005 and March 2007 are eligible.

Midomi: The First Sing Engine?

Is it time to say “Move over Google?”

Midomi presents a new way to search stuff– by singing it! It uses Adobe Flash to record using your microphone. Pretty interesting. Try searching– you will hear the best rendered songs this side of American Idol.


What’s next?

  • Keywords in the future may include audio signatures
  • SEO experts may now become vocal coaches in order to optimize searching/singing
  • Spam? The scourge of the future may be a batallion of William Hungs on the Web