Elections on the Web 2007: Chiz Escudero Website Reviewed

Author’s Note: Standard Web Standards will be starting a “blog mini-series” on the notable websites of Philippine candidates (For everyone’s information, Filipinos will be voting for national and local officials this coming May).

Chiz Escudero

Chiz Escudero is arguably the most appealing senatorial candidate to the Filipino youth right now. But his website? Needs his real-life appeal. Here’s the breakdown:
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ESPN.com Redesign

With Yahoo! Sports updating its look, ESPN.com also followed suit:


It’s really not far from their previous design. The new design smoothed off its header and added additional panels below the main image field. The additional content seems to be a nod to what NBA.com does. While the first screenful is good, the lower area down to the footer seems to lose momentum.

Overall,  the design is tighter than the previous one and seems to bein flavor with the Web 2.0 style.

Midomi: The First Sing Engine?

Is it time to say “Move over Google?”

Midomi presents a new way to search stuff– by singing it! It uses Adobe Flash to record using your microphone. Pretty interesting. Try searching– you will hear the best rendered songs this side of American Idol.


What’s next?

  • Keywords in the future may include audio signatures
  • SEO experts may now become vocal coaches in order to optimize searching/singing
  • Spam? The scourge of the future may be a batallion of William Hungs on the Web

iTech 2007

Last Sunday (January 28, 2007), I had a talk, by invition of the Computer Society of the Ateneo and the Management Information Systems Association, in iTalk: IT Conference 2007, an event organized by the Ateneo-based student organizations. I talked about “Winning the 2007 Elections in Cyberspace” and I shared information on how IT and New Media can be leveraged by political candidates (hopefully the good ones) .

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