Konqueror conquers Acid2

Konqueror, KDE’s Linux-based browser, became the second browser to pass the Acid2 test.

From the article:

Apple’s Safari browser was the first, which makes use of Konqueror’s advanced rendering engine KHTML. Thanks to some fixes that were integrated back into Konqueror from Safari improvements, and the hard work of the KHTML programmers, Konqueror can now boast a high level of CSS compliance.

I believe this brings to Linux an advanced web standards compliant rendering. It’s also interesting to note that Safari is based on Konqueror’s rendering engine.

Internet Explorer 7 Preview: Big Leap from IE6

I’ve recently had a chance to get a beta copy of IE7 (don’t ask me how :D) and it promises a lot but also gives a big caveat to developers and designers, especially the web standards kind.

The Good: tabbed browsing, which seems to be the darling feature right now in web browsers. The interface is tweaked a bit (it’s sleeker and actually looks like Firefox) and the anti-phising feature seems to target novice net browsers.

Another improvement is the corrected CSS box model rendering (AT LAST!) This is probably the feature that may alter the course of web design history.

The Bad: Despite the big improvements, IE7 fails miserably WaSP‘s ACID 2 test. This test checks whether the browser can display key CSS features. The final output of the test is a smiley face. The screenshot below is how IE7 renders the test:

Hmmm… Doesn’t look like a smiley face to me.

Adobe-Macromedia: Now What?

Slightly off-topic, but significant nonetheless– The Adobe‘s acquisition of Macromedia definitely changes the whole web authoring landscape. Its effect may not be felt in a few months, but definitely in a couple of years’ time.

While a lot of people are concerned with their software products, I’m more apprehensive about the support & other aspects like certification, user-group support and community support.