Accessibility Statement

I’ve tried to make Standard Web Standards adhere to the recommended guidelines for website accessibility. If you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of this blog, feel free to email me at regnard (at)

Accessibility Features

  • This blog supports liquid layout and variable font sizes.
  • Images contain ALT text descriptions.
  • This blog has been tested using Firefox 2, Opera 9 and Internet Explorer 7.
  • A text-only version of this blog is available.
  • Each page includes breadcrumb navigation for easier identification of page context to the site.
  • This site is still usable with the CSS turned off.
  • A search box is available for each page and blog posts.

Access Keys

This website supports Access Keys. Here’s the list of access key assignments:

  • Access key + 0: Accessibility Statement
  • Access key + 1: Home Page
  • Access key + 2: About
  • Access key + 3: Archives
  • Access key + 4: Top Posts
  • Access key + 5: Resources
  • Access key + 6: Contact
  • Access key + 7: Site Map

Accessibility Limitations

Despite my best efforts, the site still encounters accessibility snags and fails a majority of accessibility validators. Please send an email to regnard (at) if an issue relevant to you needs to be addressed.