IE vs. Firefox vs. Opera: Browser Website Free-for-all!

The so-called “Browser Wars” have been revived in the last couple of years with the emergence of Firefox coupled with the improvements of Opera. IE’s speculated market drop also adds fule to the fire. I decided to look at their battles in a different perspective: The websites of each browser.

Here are my system specs: 1280×1024 Resolution with 32-bit display depth. Windows XP Professional SP2 in an AMD platform. I randomly selected which browser to view the sites from and the browser that came out was Firefox.

  1. Mozilla Firefox’s Website
    • At 1280×1024, the webpages scale very well;
    • Table-less layout with CSS-controlled presentation;
    • Clean layout with usability staples in place: Bread-crumbs and easy navigation;
    • Markup is clean as a whistle;
    • 404 error page is adequate;
    • Content is a bit sparse.
  2. Internet Explorer’s Website
    • The site is viewable at 1280×1024, but the page does not scale;
    • Disabling Javascript cripples the navigation;
    • Page design is pretty solid;
    • Uses tables extensively;
    • 404 page is friendly, but a may overwhelm with the information provided;
    • Page size is biggest among the three.
  3. Opera Borwser’s Website
    • Works with big resolution, although it’s optimized for 1024×768;
    • 404 Page is not that friendly but OK nontheless;
    • Full CSS layout;
    • Quick-loading pages, despite seemingly abundant content;
    • Easy site navigation;
    • Best site search function among the three.

From the looks of it, Firefox and Opera are locked in terms of website features and are miles away from IE’s. Well, based on my assessment, the results are not far-off from their products’ performance: IE lags behind Firefox and Opera, from a features pespective.