IE vs. Firefox vs. Opera: Browser Website Free-for-all!

The so-called “Browser Wars” have been revived in the last couple of years with the emergence of Firefox coupled with the improvements of Opera. IE’s speculated market drop also adds fule to the fire. I decided to look at their battles in a different perspective: The websites of each browser.

Here are my system specs: 1280×1024 Resolution with 32-bit display depth. Windows XP Professional SP2 in an AMD platform. I randomly selected which browser to view the sites from and the browser that came out was Firefox.

  1. Mozilla Firefox’s Website
    • At 1280×1024, the webpages scale very well;
    • Table-less layout with CSS-controlled presentation;
    • Clean layout with usability staples in place: Bread-crumbs and easy navigation;
    • Markup is clean as a whistle;
    • 404 error page is adequate;
    • Content is a bit sparse.
  2. Internet Explorer’s Website
    • The site is viewable at 1280×1024, but the page does not scale;
    • Disabling Javascript cripples the navigation;
    • Page design is pretty solid;
    • Uses tables extensively;
    • 404 page is friendly, but a may overwhelm with the information provided;
    • Page size is biggest among the three.
  3. Opera Borwser’s Website
    • Works with big resolution, although it’s optimized for 1024×768;
    • 404 Page is not that friendly but OK nontheless;
    • Full CSS layout;
    • Quick-loading pages, despite seemingly abundant content;
    • Easy site navigation;
    • Best site search function among the three.

From the looks of it, Firefox and Opera are locked in terms of website features and are miles away from IE’s. Well, based on my assessment, the results are not far-off from their products’ performance: IE lags behind Firefox and Opera, from a features pespective.

  • I agree with your perspective. I don’t think that Firefox or Opera will every overtake IE though.

  • Website Builder,

    Yes, IE has a strangle (or sleeper?) hold on the market share right now. But who knows? The reason IE gets less favorable reviews is that the “crippled” version is the current standard where web designers & developers have to work with.

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  • Mozilla Firefox within the last year has had a higher number and frequency of exploits because firefox is more widely used than IE by the IT people especially the ones who find these vulnreabilities. And talking about opera ( ) many of u reading this article has opera ?

  • ancutaandrei

    The correct link posted above is:

  • it2051229

    Crap.. damn it.. I designed my website using IE 7 and it was awesome.. I tried to view it using firefox and it sucked.. everything was displaced.. wtf?? wtf?? wtf????????????

  • IE really, really stink. And this comes from a man who has always used and promoted M-Soft products. I’ve had a sense of respect for their products, but this just stinks.

  • I use Opera and Firefox and I can tell you the Firefox is most intelligent and large perspective and independent usage for the developers and for the normal surfers too.

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  • Opera is a good browser,like Firefox is better than IE.The problem is because people are afraid for changes .How many add-ons have Firefox and how util can be ? Try first this program Firefox. I will try Safari , to see how will be.Thanks.

  • yman

    I get the new version of Opera and it seems that Opera’s Fraud Protection is greatly improved with strengthened defense against malware and phishing. I like it but i will remain with new version of Firefox

  • TimA

    I like firefox well enough but I like google chrome better, it loads faster and I like how it will display the 9 most used site so you can just click on it. It has some short comings but user friendly is top notch

  • the only trouble with chrome is that it is not compatible for all sites , some sites will not work in chrome meaning …for myself i still have to use several browsers. i actually IE8 , Chrome and firefox everyday . Firefox sometimes doesnt remember my passwords so i ahev to use IE8 to login (cookies) and chrome is volatile. I'd say 70% firefox , 20% chrome , 10% IE8

  • onsalecc
  • Yeah, I think you are right jezrp, although I also use the whole 3 I also prefer firefox – it also has some futures that you don't have in chrome & IE8 and it's faster (at least on my pc).

  • I mostly use firefox and i dont know why but my internet explorer is not working perfectly.

  • For me it is first mozilla, then google chrome I used them both on one computer, but for other stuff.


  • I feel that Firefox is best for me because it works great.