Book Review: Head First Java

Head First JavaHead First Java

I’ve got to be honest– This is probably the easiest book review that I’ll write. The book is universally regarded when it comes to learning Java and getting past that SCJP (or SCJA) Exam. What’s not to like about it? A challenging topic like Java is broken down to little manageablke pieces of information with the occasional joke or two.

Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates’ gem covers the basics of the Java programming language, from the syntax to the object-oriented design aspect. The simplistic approach actually helps in learning concepts like polymorphism and inhereitance. Exercises are similar to the simple word games found on children’s section on the weekend paper.

I can only think of a demographic that might not like this book: people who like their learning experience serious and academic. While Head First Java tries to take the comic route with odd graphics and images, it is actually sharp and witty.

Java’s main knock is that it is allegedly too hard and the learning curve is just too steep. Getting this book softens that curve, and you’ll enjoy learning looking at the pictures.