UX Blog: UX Marks the Spot

This blog is temporarily going out of hiatus to share a friendly reminder to the loyal subscribers and readers of Standard Web Standards.

I’ve created a blog called UX Marks the Spot (http://ux.raquedan.com) and it’s a spin-off from Standard Web Standards. All the usability, user experience, information architecture, interaction design, and book reviews posts in this blog has been moved over there. Moreover, my future posts on the aforementioned topics will be placed there.

Why the new blog? I decided to de-couple the UX side of the posts since this blog will be revived once the web standards scene gets a lot interesting again. πŸ˜›

I really find it easy to write and blog about things I’m currently in to, and since I’ve been doing tons of UX work as of late, I decided to spin the blog off and maintain Standard Web Standards’ “in hiatus” status.

I invite you to check the blog out and hopefully you will subscribe to the RSS feed.  πŸ™‚