Three Job Postings

Just a quick one: I have three job postings from friends who are looking to fill various positions

  1. MySQL DBA/Consultant – This is a project-based consultancy to manage several tables and fix table structure. Must be very familiar with JOIN operations.
  2. Marketing Researcher– A social media consulting start-up is looking for someone who’s comfortable with the web, crunching market data, and knows her statistical analysis for market research. Preferably a Psychology, Sociology, or Statistics major and fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
  3. Marketing/Accounts Associate – From the same firm in #2, my friend would also like to get someone who is web-savvy, likes social media, and finds interacting with clients in a professional capacity a joy. Ideally, she should be able to use data to her advantage and she should have finished a business-related degree. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

All positions are based in Metro Manila, with the last two based in Makati City.

For the job postings above, please email your resume, with the job you wish to apply for, at regnard (at)

If you have job openings in the web and social media fields, feel free to sent it my way and I’ll post it in my blog and relevant mailing lists. 🙂