Stepping Down as User Group Manager of the Adobe User Group – Philippines

After five years at the helm, I’m stepping down as the User Group Manager of the Adobe User Group – Philippines.

I’m stepping down knowing that the community I initiated in 2004 will be in the capable leadership of Rey Mendoza, Jr. and Michelle Santos. I’ll still be involved with AUGPhil in a difference capacity, but AUGPhil will move forward with Rey and Michelle leading the way.

I’ve had my share of successes and challenges (mostly challenges :P) in reaching out to the Adobe designer and developer communities here in the Philippines, and I could say that despite the challenges in the last five years, AUGPhil kept afloat and is now primed to take on bigger things with the new leadership.

Keep an eye on AUGPhil in the coming months, there will be good things coming up. 🙂