2009 Philippine Blogging Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists to the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards have been announced and list is pretty long. Here are the finalists for the different regular and special categories:

Best Technology Blog

Best Travel Blog

Best Entertainment Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Food & Beverage Blog

Best Family & Living Blog

Best News & Media Blog

Best Business Blog

Best Sports Blog

Best Hobby & Recreation Blog

Best Fashion Blog

Best Photo Blog

Best Culture & Arts Blog

Best Commentary Blog

Best Videocast

Best Podcast

Best Humor Blog

Best Gaming Blog

Best Advocacy Blog

Best Beauty Blog

Special Award: Best Blog Design

Special Award: Best Foreign Blog

Special Award: Best Filipino Abroad Blog

Special Award: Best Filipiniana Blog

Whew! That was a pretty looong list. But nonetheless, congratulations to everyone for reaching the finals of the most prestigious blog awards in the country. 🙂