Mozilla to have Bigger Presence in the Philippines

I had breakfast and coffee with Mozilla‘s Gen Kanai (Director of Asia Business Development) and Seth Bindernagel (Director for Localization), who are here in Manila for WordCamp Philippines 2009. The morning conversation centered on Mozilla’s presence in the Philippines, which I think is about to become bigger.

According to Gen, the Philippines got the attention of Mozilla because it’s one of the top five countries in terms of growth of Mozila Firefox usage. I shared to him that the stat is to really surprising because I’ve observed that the awareness of Firefox in the Philippines has gone beyond the tech geeks and developers. Both Gen and Seth agree that the Philippines presents great potential for a Mozilla Firefox community to flourish.

I also asked them about Mozilla’s relationship with Google, which has its own browser in Chrome. Seth shared that Chrome uses chunks of components from Firefox, and Gen said that the relationship between Mozilla and Google may be described as a “coopetition” or competitive competition as of the moment.

But going back to Mozilla Firefox Philippines community– here are some Mozilla developments we will likely see in the near future:

  1. Mozilla Firefox Philippines Community – Starting with WordCamp Philippines 2009, Mozilla will gradually build a formal community that it will support. According to them, Mozilla is willing to support a passionate group of enthusiasts and developers who are interested in web standards, and extending the tools and software supporting web standards.
  2. Mozilla Firefox in Filipino – According to Seth, there’s a strong possibility of Mozilla Firefox released in Filipino, or even dialects such as Cebuano and Ilocano, if the local community wants it. Being the Director for Localization in Mozilla, Seth said he will support initiatives from Filipinos who are willing to lead the localization efforts. Heck, if Facebook and Wikipedia have localizations in Filipino, why not Mozilla Firefox?
  3. Mozilla Firefox in Form Function & Class – I mentioned to Gen the Form Function & Class event the Philippine Web Designers Organization (PWDO) launched last July and he said he thinks Mozilla should be part of future events. Folks from Mozilla would be interested in having a talk about HTML 5 and developments in Mozilla about that spec. So next year, expect Mozilla to be part of Form Function & Class! 😀

I personally think these are welcome developments to the web community here in the Philippines. Moreover, I’d love to take part in the development of the Mozilla Firefox Philippines community. 😀