My Y4IT 2009 Talk: Web Usability & User Experience Design

As I said in my previous post, I was invited to speak at the 2009 Y4IT Conference held at the University of the Philippines – Diliman in Quezon City and my talk was held yesterday.

Although it was my third year in a row to speak, it was my first time at the big stage. My talk, “Web Usability & User Experience Design,” was held at the University of the Philippines Theater and that capacity of that venue, by my estimate, is 3,000. Last year, I was at the UP Film Institute’s Cine Adarna, a place with at least 1,000 seating capacity. But regardless of the venue, both places were crowded and extra seats had to be provided to accommodate all the attendees.

As far as my talk went, it was pretty OK. I didn’t get nervous since there as an intermission my Pinoy Dream Academy finalist Liezel Garcia before I went on stage. The energy of the crown was pretty positive as I started. And this was helpful as I wasn’t feeling 100% at that time.

One thing I learned in presenting to large audiences is that the start has to be great. And with a crowd that was at least 3,000, I knew my start had to be better than great.

So I started to loosen up on stage and addressed the audience very casually (the attendees were primarily college students in their junior and senior years). Interestingly, I started off by telling the crowd that my talk was about, gasp, love. Anyways, I got their attention and proceeded to transition to the meat of my talk: web usability and user experience design.

The most frustrating part about my talk was that when I asked the audience who did web projects in school, a very small, and I mean small, amount raised their hands. I could only see the negative in this. Either a) the audience wasn’t listening to me, or b) Information Technology students in the Philippines today are NOT into doing any web design or development. If the reason was the first, it meant I failed to do the necessary research about the audience and if it was the second, it meant that the future of web design in the Philippines doesn’t look good.

I also got feedback from a blogger who was part of the audience that the slide deck in Powerpoint that I used was great. (Although he was not convinced the audience was ready for my talk). But in anycase, any type of feedback is welcome. 🙂

Over-all, the experience of speaking before 3,000 people about usability was a blast. I hope the audience learned a thing or two about web usability and user experience design and I get to do this again next year. 😀

  • Bry

    Oh no, my blog post was discovered by a speaker! 😛

    Based on my observations, most of the audience is trained in only one language (mainly Java or C) and the only ones familiar with web development are the hobbyists. So, yeah, the future of web design doesn't look good if we're going to rely on CS or IT graduates for that.

    Fortunately, a good number of Fine Arts and MassComm students (both of whom are supposed to be better at design) are taking up web design so I think there's still hope for this field.

  • Hey Brian!

    Thanks for dropping by. Don't worry about your comments– feedback is always good. And your comments on Y4IT are very honest and spot on. Keep it up! 😀

  • micci_01

    sir how can i get ur presentation inthe y4it seminar?

  • micci_01

    thank you so much

  • andrewcelo

    kahit di aq mxadong nkinig,sbrang dame qng n22nan sa seminar n 2..
    salamt po..

  • maricris

    sir panu ku po makukuha ung presentation mu sa y4it?

  • maricris

    sir panu ku po makukuha ung presentation mu sa y4it?

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