Opera 10: Impressive!

Opera took version 10 out of beta and now has launched it officially. I’m blogging this post using Opera 10 and it has been impressive. So impressive that I’ve since been using three browsers since its release. (The other two I’m using are Firefox and Chrome)

First, Opera seems to operate faster than Chrome and Firefox. Opera 10 definitely trumps Chrome in the Javascript execution department (at least from the sites I’m visiting). I also like the visual tabs feature where the tabs actually show a preview of the web page it’s showing. This is a big help for someone like me who doesn’t like to keep that many tabs open (around 10-12 tabs). I do wish you can change the font size of the address bar though.

On a final note, web designers may want to get this update as to have design get tested on as Opera is one of the browsers that is the most standards-compliant. 🙂