3 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Web Standards

Some people say that the battle for Web Standards has been won, with most designers already conscious of standards compliance. But based on my personal observation, there are still a few things about Web Standards that escape even the seasoned vets of web design:

  1. Web Standards do not pertain to one technology – Web Standards, at its most fundamental form, is actually the set of recommendations (HTML/XHTML, CSS & JavaScript at the very least). To use a particular Content Management System (CMS) does not automatically guarantee that the site is Web Standards-compliant. (Although a great deal of CMSes do a great job of taking Web Standards into consideration.)
  2. Web Standards-compliance is an authoring approach – Beyond the valid code and compliance to the recommendations, Web Standards takes into account semantic mark-up and accessibility
  3. The Web Standards are held back by software – Yes, I’m talking about browsers. By the end of the year, the HTML 5 specification will most likely be complete. How many browsers will be ready to handle them? We don’t know.

I hope these three little nuggets will help you understand Web Standards better. You can always refer to the Web Standards Project website for more information on this topic. :)