I Will Mark You as Spam

This blog has been getting a lot of spam lately, so I’ve been putting the clamps on the virtually all comments. However, what problem that has risen is that I’ve risked tagging the real comments as spam.

Last month, I’ve mentioned that identity theft in blog comments have infested by blog and it has been a losing battle. What I did was to loosen the comment moderation, but the identity theft still persisted. 😡 I guess people are trying to abuse the Top Commentors plugin I’ve installed in the past butI’ve now disabled. (Heck, is that plugin even still supported?)

After much consideration, I’m giving the border-line spammy comments the benefit of the doubt but outright labeling the comments that steal the identities of the other commenters. The reason I’m really miffed by this is that a good portion of the folks who posted comments here prior to the spam comments a re people I personally know.

So, to all those who will be trying to post comments as someone else, I will mark you as spam, as simple as that.