iBlog5 Thoughts

Last May 9, the University of the Philippines Internet and Society Program (UP ISP) held the fifth Philippine Blogging SummitiBlog event (or iBlog5). For the last five years, iBlog events has been putting the issues of new and experienced bloggers forward– from talks about hot to start a blog to more advanced topics such as making money online, the legal aspect of blogging, and blogging’s cultural effects, iBlog has been a good information resource and learning ground for bloggers.

But for me, iBlog means something different. To be honest, I wouldn’t have come to iBlog because of the talks and the speakers (make no mistake, a lof of the speakers are really very good and friends of mine) only. I went there for one thing: fellowship. Despite staying on the event for short period of time, I got to meet friends, reconnected with old friends, and met some new folks. 😀

I feel really great that such an event can get bloggers together. With blogger events getting smaller and smaller (due to the focus and targeting of companies, and more independent blogger event organizers coming out), this event is a throwback to the time when blogger events mean more than 40 people who had a blog get together. 😛

If rock had its Woodstock Festival, independent film has its annual Sundance Film Festival, the Philippine blogging scene has iBlog. (Yeah, I’m going out on a limb to say that. :P)

Some rough pics I took:

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