Is the Recession Affecting Your Blogging Earnings?

We all read in the news, both traditional media and online– the global financial recession is affecting companies, big and small. For me, it looks like that the recession’s effects are reaching the business side of the blogosphere.

For the month of January, the AdSense earnings I got was almost 50% lower than I got last December. Comparing it to the same period last year (January 2008), AdSense earnings fell by almost 20%. Clickthrough Rates fell by more than 50% for the January 2008-January 2009 comparison.

While I’m really glad and thankful that the blog is getting some AdSense money on a regular basis (well, the money is not really a big amount), I can’t help but think if the recessions has finally caught up with the bloggers.

How’s your blogging earnings amidst the recession?