Book Review: Subject to Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World

Subject to Change

I just finished reading Subject to Change (yeah, I just put the book down) and I think it’s a great and easy read on experience design and innovation.

I’m convinced the folks at Adaptive Path sure know what they’re talking about because they were able to write a book that’s less than 170 pages and be able to provide very good and conscise insights on customer/user research, agile methods, strategy and experience design.

The authors submit that qualitative data and research is as important as the quantitative methods (e.g. usability testing & evaluation versus interviews and observation). My key takeaway is really the importance of context for you and your customer when developing new services, interfaces and customer touch points.

The book does cite a lot of Adaptive Path’s experience in dealing with companies and it highlights how they were able to help them to be more customer-centric and adopt a design culture. I wish there were more specific examples on how they went about in doing customer research and implementing design strategies. The authors are able to make the topics “industry agnostic” and work even if you’re not in the IT field.

Subject to Change reads very much like a blog because there are very short sections and chapters, but that makes it easy to put the book  down when you want to reflect on the points the authors are raising.