Do I Need a License to Blog?

If the Philippine government would have its way, I would need a license to blog.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has put forward a memorandum that, in effect, requires all people and companies that provide content (blog posts, music, ring tones, logos, video clips, etc.),  information, applications , and games that use network infrastructure (mobile phone networks, internet) to secure a license to operate. The total cost of the license is PhP 6,300.00 (US$133) per year.

After reading the memorandum, I think it was primarily intended for the big companies that develope value-added services and content providers for the mobile phones, but inadvertently, the memorandum’s scope  could cover citizen who just are member of social networks or bloggers.

I’ve mentioned in the past that it was only a matter of time before the government will propose a “Blogging Tax” and this license is one version of it. But here, the goverment can shut you down and revoke your license. Ouch! 😡

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