Presenting at the 2008 National Conference on Information Technology Education

I feel it wasn’t long ago when I was recruiting people to participate in the usability research I was doing for my master’s thesis. Thanks to a lot of people, I was able to finish the research and finish my graduate degree last year.

The results of my study last year, Evaluation of the Usability of Philippine Higher Education Institutions’ Websites, will be presented at this year’s National Conference on Information Technology Education (NCITE), the annual conference organized by the Philippine Society of I.T. Educators (PSITE). As PSITE would describe it, the NCITE provides a venue to present innovative ideas, approaches, developments and results of research projects in the areas of Information Technology and Technology-based Education. The conference also promotes the exchange of information between researchers, faculty, administrators, and I.T. practitioners.

Despite my busy schedule, I really found the time comply with the requirements of the conference because I believe the research came up with interesting results that are relevant to the education sector in the Philippines. đŸ™‚

  • Sir Regnard,

    I congratulate you for the successful presentation you’ve done this afternoon. Sharing your research to us (IT Educators) would have a great impact in web usability thus urge us to evaluate existing websites if they really pass the criteria set in web standards. I am honored to be part of your research (and student as well) and hope that I will continue as an advocate of usability in the Philippines. GOdbless.

    Mon Baesa
    PHP-HIPPO Summer Batch 2007

  • Thanks for the support Mon! đŸ™‚