Speaking at the Y4IT 2008 Conference

Yesterday, I had my second speaking engagement at the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology or Y4IT Conference. I was a late inclusion in the line-up last year and I gladly obliged, but I was included in this year’s roster of speakers early on and so I was able to cook up something nice for the audience.

Last year, I talked about “Web 2.0 and You,” which was a primer on, well, Web 2.0. This year, I got a little bit crazy had the talk “The Internet’s Next Big Star– You!” where I talked about how ordinary people are getting famous through the Internet, deliberately on accidentally. I started my talk by citing Arnel Pineda, Charice Pempengco and the Cebu Inmates’ Thriller viral video as examples then proceeded on detailing how internet fame comes about. A nice case study I showed was the “iPhone Girl” case where a factory girl in China became an internet sensation overnight by mistake. We had a meaty Q&A after, which is good because it showed me that my talk got people interested. 😀

I’ve found speaking before a big crowd a good personal challenge and I really enjoyed my spot yesterday. What’s next for me is a slot at this year’s WordCamp Philippines.