Google Launches Chrome, Web Browser

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Google finally launches its own web browser.

Dubbed as Google Chrome, the web browser is the long-anticipated software that will go up against Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer, Mozilla‘s Firefox and Opera‘s web browser. (I can hear the collective groans from those respective camps)

According to the Google Blog, Google decided to launch the browser because they “believe [they] can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.” Google also launched a comic book to highlight the features of Google Chrome as well as educate the general public on the philosophies behind the design of the application.

I’m all for a browser that will release IE’s chokehold on the browser market, but this move gives Mozilla and Opera the impetus to really come up with nice value added features in order to keep their market share. Google will be happy to launch the product in Beta then gradually lure users into their fold, while creating improvements on Google Chrome of course. From my analysis, the biggest eventual losers of market share will be Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • I think I will stick to Firefox. I’ve been using too much Google services already and partly fear getting too dependent – exposing too much info (habits) in the process.

  • Julius

    It looks nice, it feels nice but I seem to be unable to find anything to do with how it complies to web standards anywhere. What about the old box model issues in CSS? CSS3 support? If it takes web standards seriously, it may have a sporting chance but if Google are going to go down the Microsoft road and try to create their own standards and nuances, I won’t be taking part. I’m not writing it off just yet but it will be a long time before I get distracted from FireFox and its associated community and extensions.

  • there are lots of problem in google chrome.
    sometimes it took time to load the entire websites..
    compare to firefox even if it is newly installed.

  • @ Janette:

    That’s a nice point. Are people becoming too dependent on Google?

    Chrome uses WebKit, so I guess try looking how that engine renders the box model.

    I already found some little but important nitpicks from Chrome. Let’s see how Google updates this beta release.

  • I tried Chrome for a day and unless they would allow extensions, I’d probably stick to Firefox. The speed wasn’t all that impressive. I’ve got my Winamp stuttering while loading pages, and switching between tabs is slower probably because of separate processes being used. Being a heavy tab user with 20~30 tabs open simultaneously causes chrome to eat up lots of memory. So… it’s Firefox 3.0 for me still. 🙂

  • @Aja:

    Yeah, I got used to some Firefox add-ons… but Chrome is promising.

    I still wonder why Opera still is in nowhere’s map these days.

  • I like Google Chrome, it runs faster than IE or Mozilla, but there's many applications that doesn't run on it.

  • I like Google Chrome, it runs faster than IE or Mozilla, but there's many applications that doesn't run on it.

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  • I am quite statisfied with google chrome, I don`t like that chrome doesn`t have history tab just like IE or mozilla have.


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