Mozilla Ubiquity: Hacking the Web User Experience

Mozilla Labs announced the alpha prototype launch of Ubiquity, a plugin that essentially adds some depth to the user experience in using the web. Here’s the video of the demo for Mozilla Labs’ Ubiquity:

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

If you watched the video, you see that the Mozilla firefox plugin is introducing a novel way of interacting with Web 2.0 applications. It links together a pseudo-programming langauge based on natural human language in creating little mashups in your email, calendar, or even with Twitter and Wikipedia.

I see the potential of this new way of interaction because it will pave the way for voice commands in browsing. Imagine, if I find something inersting on the web, I could just select the URL utter “Twitter this!” and the url will be converted into a TinyURL URL and, Voila!, that’s my new Twitter status.

I mentioned before that participation will be a success factor websites, and this plugin will help websites “talk” to the Web 2.0 apps.