Facebook Redesign: It’s All About Screen Real Estate

Popular social networking site Facebook is gradually rolling out its spiffy new design to its users and from what I could see, the site is all about more efficient use of screen real estate.

For those who have not yet seen the Facebook make-over, here’s a little screenshot:

Comparing it to the old design:

With more and more people having bigger resolutions, the redesign makes sense. (I’m assuming the developers originally optimized the site for a 1024×768 screen resolution). The new design stretches horizontally and tries to expand that way, veering away from a vertical orientation. This change enables the use of tabs to switch between sections, although this may have some users changing their habits. (Not all pages of the site have the new template enabled, though)

One of the casualties of the redesign is how the third-party applications are positioned. Since the applications were optimized for a narrower design, a lot of application screens are not align to look good. Also, from a business standpoint, the new design makes the placement of more ads easier for the users. Facebook was slowly looking cluttered with more and more ads, so the new design makes a lot of aesthetic and business sense.

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