My speaking experience at the Y4IT 2007

I had the privilege of being a speaker at this year’s Y4IT, the annual IT conference for the youth sector organized by the UP Information Technology Training Center.

I was given 45 minutes to speak and my topic was Web 2.0. To be honest, I felt this topic was a bit old, considering that the phenomenon exploded into the IT scene a couple of years ago. But I knew the topic by heart and it was easy to find sources of info from the web, considering the fact that I got the confirmation to talk two days ago.

I started my talk and surveyed the audience about their knowledge of Web 2.0. I asked “On a show of hands, who has heard of Web 2.0?”Apparently, the topic of Web 2.0 is very new to the audience, with about less than 20 out of 1,500 raising their hands. What I thought was a stale topic turned out to be a fresh subject to them. It’s good for my talk, but bad for the state of IT here in the country.

Thanks to what I’ve been learning at AIM regarding knowing the market/audience, I tailor-fit my talk to be more casual– using pop culture references and using the boyfriend/girlfriend metaphor to illustrate the concept of tagging— to the audience composed of IT college students aged 17-21.

The feedback was good over-all. When I asked the audience at the end of my talk “Did I bore you?” and a chorus of “Nooooo!” came about, I knew I was able to reach out to them. I just hope they now have a better appreciation of emerging technology and when somebody asks them if they have heard of Web 2.0, they will say “Yes” proudly.