Book Review: Beautiful Code

Beautiful Code Beautiful Code

My appreciation of Beautiful Code is like the one I have for the Justice League or the X-Men– a band of exceptional individuals moving towards a common, altruistic end. (Proceeds of the the book will go to Amnesty International. ) This compendium of insightful essays and articles is edited by Andy Oram and Greg Wilson.

The talent of the contributors is undeniable and the text reminds me of the Algorithms class I took in college. The book relates how various software design architects and experts attack and solve problems while maintaining the elegance of the implementation. The range of topics include Perl, Haskell, Python and Ruby. This should give the enthusiastic developer a fresh and broad perspective on software. I have to  mention that the book is developer oriented, so expect a lot of code and text intertwined.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The book hopefully will be able to give you a new way to look at software.