Elections on the Web 2007: Chiz Escudero Website Reviewed

Author’s Note: Standard Web Standards will be starting a “blog mini-series” on the notable websites of Philippine candidates (For everyone’s information, Filipinos will be voting for national and local officials this coming May).

Chiz Escudero

Chiz Escudero is arguably the most appealing senatorial candidate to the Filipino youth right now. But his website? Needs his real-life appeal. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The site has a Flash intro – It’s dead isn’t it? Is he trying to put his campaign on the same state?
  2. Too many tables – Seeing what’s under the hood shows TR and TD soup.
  3. Infortmation Architecture -The site can be organized better. (Example: What’s Team Chiz and Say Chiz?)
  4. Navigation – The site navigation is OK and tight.
  5. Download section – I have to commend the effort in putting this section, but the wallpapers are just plain bad. The images look too much screaming and the contrast of the colors are too strong. I doubt anybody other than his immediate family will put it on their desktop.
  6. Blog – His blog should have been integrated to the site, similar to the Forums.
  7. Homepage – I believe his homepage needs tweaking. (Example: Looking at the homepage, it doesn’t show what his main platform is.)

All in all, the site is shows the Chiz Escudero has respect for the medium, but the implementors, they need to have a better cue.

  • ia

    1. The site has a Flash intro
    Yes, it does look like an ad campaign. But Flash usually impresses people anyway.

    2. Too many tables
    I remember somebody saying “if the client doesn’t ask for tableless designs, you don’t need to make one.” Hahaha. Seriously, most people don’t care.

    3. Infortmation Architecture
    Well Team Chiz looks like a volunteer group. And “Say Chiz” looks like an all-around catchphrase for the campaign.

    4. Navigation

    5. Download section
    They look like campaign paraphernalia. I guess they didn’t think too hard about those designs but I’m not too critical of the contrast. Hehe. šŸ˜‰

    6. Blog – His blog should have been integrated to the site, similar to the Forums.
    I think a Friendster blog might actually be useful to them. They only needed to pull RSS feeds from it.

    7. Homepage
    “Ang aking mga adhikain at pangarap para sa bawat Pilipino. Hiling at dalangin ko na sama-sama nating pagtulungan na makamtan ang lahat ng ito.

    Ang inyong boses sa Senado,
    Chiz Escudero”
    I think that’s long enough for the frontpage, though it needs more emphasis. šŸ™‚

    Bottom line is — I think it’s useless to be OC about under the hood details, especially during an election campaign. While the website does feel a little empty (void of news and other updates, which is quite a common weak spot for local sites), I think it’s cool. I hope the volunteers spend more time into building up its social/2.0 potential, i.e., widgets, shoutboxes, etc.

  • Hi Ia,

    Nice insights. I agree with you, “under the hood” stuff will not get noticed, it still does have some effect. (e.g. page loading time).

    Don’t worry– on the next review, I’ll focus more on the “other” elements. šŸ™‚

  • Point #5 got me laughing off my ass. I can’t think of a person who would use the wallpaper.

  • I agree with Ia, as OC as I am with my own code, adherence tp standards shouldn’t matter as much as content. While both would be good, it’s people they were designing for, not machines, which, for their purposes, is good enough. You’re right though, the blog should be integrated with the site, and should give us feed lovers some rss goodness.

    That said, Chiz Escudero Real Ultimate Facts validates as xhtml 1.1 just fine šŸ˜‰

    LOL, sorry, shameless plug.

  • Hi Jorge,

    Thanks for the insights.

    Aw, c’mon, there’s no shame in that. šŸ˜‰

  • Mabuhay Ka, We will Support 100%, maintain your principle that you are not a balimbing, but friendly person as it you did in the congress, Mabuhay ka again, kung magawi o may mga runner ka, please send us a campaign material that emphasize you works or the work you want in the senate, God Bless you and your family specially your candidacy. MABUHAY KA.

    My address Is: Amai-Manabilang St., Brgy. Raya Madaya, Marawi City. Celpon No. 09209219704

  • evangeline calibuso

    just want to congratulate you in advance… so senator escudero mabuhay ka and i know you will not fail us sa mga adhikain at sa mga gagawin mong hakbang pag na upo ka sa senate. Tama yung sinabi mo na wag kayong pumayag na manood, pumalakpak, ngumiti at kumaway sa isang gilid lamang. Sana’y makilahok kayo sa paghubog ng ating kasaysayan…. I really admire you and hope dat you’ll do your very best for helping esp poor people— those with less education– n specially dying PHils ( due to graft n corruption) Sana tama na sobra na palitan na ang dapat palitan… Were all behind you ! and again God Bless !….. MABUHAY KA SENATOR FRANCIS ESCUDERO…

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  • mae

    does anybody knows if what are the tactics of chiz escudero. pls give me some information. i need it for some research.thanks….help please…anyone?

  • hendriel

    Thanks to share right point.