Yahoo sports new look!

I regularly visit Yahoo Sports – NBA to check out the lates NBA scores. I was greeted with a new look:


The design is much in flavor with the sports theme and actually reminds me of ESPN’s design. However, validators have found a few kinks in markup and CSS. Another thing I personally noted is that the Daily scores are now pushed further down the page, thus now requiring scrolling.

Overall, the design is good, but the rough edges need to be polished.

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  • chizlum

    The new Yahoo Sports page really sucks. Why can’t there be a simple web page which isn’t slick to get us sports news. Not everyone has hi-speed internet after all.

  • Chizlum,

    To a certain degree, I agree with you. I liked the breakneck speed of the old Yahoo design.

  • Yes i agree with u.The look is like Espn.But looks nice.

  • I agree. One thing I like, and most people do, is being able to find what you're looking for, and sometimes, as in retail stores, moving stuff around is counterproductive. I wonder how many people will be turned off by the new look?

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