Book Review: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (2nd Edition)

AmazonInformation Architecture for the World Wide Web

Reading Information Architecture for the World Wide Web after reading Ambient Findability made me realize one thing: The world needs more books written by Peter Morville.

The interesting thing about Information Architecture (IA) this book has related to me is we don’t need to be an Information Architect to do IA. But does that mean Information Architects are not needed? Morville says no. How does that make sense?

The answer to that question is laid down in the book. As the book’s title says, the IA the book focuses on is the web, so the ones who will see the greatest benefit are web professionals. Another good point raised is how IA is not too distant from Usability, Information Design, Graphic Design and Interaction Design.

The books presents a topics and information that, in my opinion, every web professional should know. While experience will sharpen the IA skills of a web designer, but the book gives depth and insight to deepen the understanding. The chapters on Navigation Systems, Search Systems and Labeling Systems are a must for anyone who plans on building a website.

While there may be a group of people that thinks building a website is an art, Peter Morville’s Information Architecture for the World Wide Web gives a very impressive reason for that group to believe that there’s a science behind it.