OpenUsability’s Season of Usability

OpenUsabilityFrom OpenUsability:

Season of Usability 2006/2007 is part of a series of sponsored student projects to encourage students of usability, user-interface design, and interaction design to get involved with Freee/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) projects.

FLOSS offers an excellent way to gain experience in the interdisciplinary and collaborative development of user interface solutions in international software projects. During a three-month cooperation, you will closely work together with experienced professionals and get insights in to their way of work.

Depending on your location, you will be invited to a meeting with the development and usability team. Otherwise the collaboration will take place via the established channels of OSS development – email, IRC, VoIP, and etc.

Season of Usability projects are sponsored with $700USD. An involvement of 15 hours per week is expected. The sponsorship will be paid after the successful accomplishment of the project goals.

My regret here is that I wasn’t able to mention this during my talk at the World Usability Day here in Manila.