Book Review: Ambient Findability

AmazonAmbient Findability
As a person who appreciates usability and the web, there is one statement that resonated with me when I read Peter Morville’s book– “You can’t use what you can’t find.”

Findability refers to the an object’s “quality of being locatable or navigable.” And this book presents a very deep and informative topic on how people find and retrieve information. While terms like search and search engine optimization (SEO) came to mind when I got a hold of this book, Ambient Findability defied my expectations by delving into more underlying information such human behavior on search and information gathering.

That “unexpected” turn turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It gave me a better insight on how people viewed information and puts SEO in a bigger perspective. Designers will appreciate the chapter called “Push and Pull” where web design elements are dissected from varying viewpoints like marketing and engineering. The book also touches on the taxonomy vs. folksonomy angle, a debate amidst the Web 2.0 buzz.

All in all, Peter Morville’s Ambient Findability is definitely a good read and a must for SEO professionals.