Internet Explorer Poised to Make a Comeback

IE7Yes, IE is losing market share. Yes, IE is still the same bungling browser as it was 5 years ago, And yes, people are saying IE is slowly losing the browser wars. But don’t write off the browser yet, IE is poised for a comeback, and pretty sooner than most people think.

What will give IE the long awaited shot in the arm? Two words: IE 7. With its release looming in the horizon, it has the potential to arrest the decline in its market share. Its improvements have been documented on its blog and the fact that it will get most of the CSS right is a big
Based on the stats I analyzed at OneCounter, it took IE6 13 months to overtake IE5. I estimate it will take up to 10 months after its official release before IE6 is supplanted as the top IE browser. Three reasons I think it will be so:

  • IE7 has the benefit of being released as a beta, thus cutting the adoption time.
  • Windows Vista consumer release in Q1 of 2007
  • Windows’ Autoupdate of IE6 will make the shift to IE7 relatively faster

One stumbling block for IE7 could be the relerase of Firefox 2. But given how new releases have been received by the internet community, Firefox 2 find itself fighting an uphil battle to maintain its 10-12% market share.

Although I forsee the customary Microsoft bungles with IE7 (particularly in security), it may the browser that take us back to Microsoft’s dominance of the browser market.